Creighton v. DePaul – Craziest Assist Ever

This is a thing that happened last night.  In the Creighton Blue Jays vs. DePaul Blue Demons game in the second round of the Big East Tournament game last night, the wildest assist in basketball history happened.  Creighton’s player threw up what had to be a wild shot attempt that bounced off the edge of […]

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More Jim Boeheim Going Nuts Memes

I blogged last night about the memes that were being made of Jim Boeheim going nuts following the charge call at the end of the Syracuse vs. Duke game.  Of course the internet would come up with more now that they have had more time.  I admire the creativity of the people that made these […]

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Jim Boeheim Goes Nuts Memes

Jim Boeheim is one of the most successful coaches in basketball history. He is the second winningest coach in NCAA history behind Coach K from Duke.  He has coached Syracuse to the Final Four in 1987, 1996, 2003 and 2013 making him the only coach to make Final Four in four different decades (until Coach […]

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Antonio Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan – WWE

Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro are two of the best WRESTLERS in the WWE today.  I had the privilege of working with both gentlemen during their time in IWA Mid-South.  Antonio Cesaro had his first match in the United States at an IWA Mid-South event in Clarksville, Indiana when he was still wrestling as Claudio […]

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Marcus Smart Shoves Fan

It was no “Malice at the Palace,” but last night’s incident involving Marcus Smart has been getting a lot of media attention since it happened.  The Malice At The Palace happened on November 19th, 2004 in Detroit in a game involving the Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons.  Fans threw things at Ron Artest (Metta World […]

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